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Le monde rural, d'hier à aujourd'hui
  1. Aménagement officiel et devenir du milieu rural en France - Persée
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Funds from Scottish sources for work on Scotland were of major importance and assisted Coppock in pioneering computerized data analysis and cartographic representation. For example, research led by Harry Thorpe at Birmingham combined archival studies with fieldwork and archaeological excavation.

A few years later, as a young researcher, I studied the landscape evolution of bocage country in the Pays de Bray and the associated socio-economic transformation that occurred between and Initially, I incorporated both historical and contemporary information, and ranged far and wide from Britain into Europe and to North America, Australasia and even Africa.

I had the evidence but, frankly, the methodological underpinnings were less than firm. Nonetheless, the lectures were successful and attracted large numbers of undergraduates.

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  • L'avenir des espaces ruraux français dans la construction européenne : l'enjeu foncier - Persée.
  • Tourism and landscapes within multifunctional rural areas: the French case.
  • Certainty (Life has no beginning, no end...).
  • Franche-Comté.

The rural course ran in parallel with an equally popular course on urban geography. Soon after my colleague James H. Johnson published his Urban Geography textbook I produced a companion volume, Rural Geography: an introductory survey It explored both people and land in the countryside, and acknowledged that rural depopulation was being overtaken by repopulation in many country areas. This trend was associated with commuting to urban work, establishing rural tourism activities, and the acquisition of retirement residences and second homes.

Already, European Commissioner Sicco Mansholt had suggested that certain less productive, more remote sections of farmland needed to be converted into forests or national parks.

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Nonetheless, as R. Pahl demonstrated, rural repopulation by former city dwellers did not solve, but rather accentuated, social problems in the countryside. House prices were inflated and rural services shops, schools, hospitals, public transport, etc declined to the detriment of the poor, the old and the car-less.

Interestingly, a recent textbook, Rural Geography: processes, responses and experiences in rural restructuring by Michael Woods, contains many of the same themes that we discussed in the early s, although the academic vocabulary employed has changed considerably. In the early s the title was changed to the Rural Geography Study Group.

Aménagement officiel et devenir du milieu rural en France - Persée

With members in this was the fourth largest study group in the whole of the IBG, surpassed only by urban geography, quantitative geography, and geomorphology. Working with Philip Lowe, Terry Marsden and Sarah Whatmore, Munton then conducted a major investigation into the economic restructuring of the British countryside.

Subsequently, Munton led a project into technological change and environmental challenges in British farming, and latterly a series of enquiries into sustainable development in urban as well as rural contexts. After having chaired the Rural Geography Study Group, toward the end of the s Munton became chair of the Environmental Study Group of the IBG; the change of title was significant and indicative of academic refocusing in progress.

It is not, of course, the only one since British rural geographers also publish in agricultural, archaeological, environmental, historical, sociological and generalist geographical periodicals.

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A year later, contributions covered the restructuring of capitalist farming, the challenge of rural deprivation, and the importance of feminist perspectives in rural research. Buller, P. Cloke, J. Little, M. Winter , Newcastle P. Lowe, N. Ward , Cardiff T. Marsden , Cheltenham B.

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Ilbery , Oxford S. Whatmore , Aberystwyth M. Woods , Aberdeen, Maynooth and Galway. In the area of Dole , salt mining has given rise to a related chemical industry. The Jura Mountains as well as the southern Vosges in the north offer a wide range of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering, and skiing, and tourism is well developed.

Highways and railways are concentrated in the valley of the Doubs River. This strategic passageway, approximately 20 miles 32 km in length, connects the Rhine River valley with the Paris Basin and carries a ship canal as well as roads and railways. After the new kingdom of Burgundy emerged in , its kings secured very little control over the local counts in Cisjurane Burgundy.

Even after the kingdom of Burgundy passed to the Holy Roman emperor Conrad II in , the control was intermittent or haphazard. The succeeding two centuries were years of repeated female succession and dynastic changes. Finally, in , the heiress Margaret of Flanders brought the countship to Philip II the Bold , duke of Burgundy, to whom she had been married in From to peace was maintained. The annexation was recognized by the Peace of Nijmegen , and it was made a French province. The Franc-Comtois people had violently opposed the French invaders, and pro-Spanish feeling lasted until the 18th century.

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