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Consulting cover letter samples
  1. 2. Practicalities of Writing Your Cover Letter
  2. Successful consultant cover letter items
  3. Top 10 tips for management consulting cover letters that will land an interview
  4. Accenture Management Consulting Cover Letter | Full Time | Management Consultant
  5. 9+ Consulting Cover Letter – Word, PDF

You can typically fit these experiences in only one page. Being concise also makes it easier for recruiters to read through your cover letter quickly without overlooking anything.

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Edit it down to a concise letter by re-reading and adjusting your original cover letter. The more you read it, the more unnecessary words and content you will find to take out. Start early so that you can give yourself plenty of time to adjust your cover letter accordingly. You should always state the position and office of the job you intend to apply for within the first sentence. Remember that this information can still be included as you emphasize what makes you different.

Similar to consulting resumes, writing a strong consulting cover letter takes time. It requires multiple iterations, careful re-reading, and timely feedback.

1. Understanding Consulting Cover Letters

You also need to make sure that the cover letter blends seamlessly with your resume, and it expounds on the outstanding skills and experiences contained in the resume itself. And finally, make sure you eliminate any grammatical or spelling mistakes from the final cover letter. These mistakes make you appear careless and can result in being disqualified in the screening process. Take time to proofread. Ask peers and fellow professionals review your cover letter and give you feedback as well. Reference this example as you write your cover letter to make sure that you hit all of the important sections.

These items do not necessarily need to appear in the order I have them listed. But, make sure that they are all represented in your cover letter. Below is an example consulting cover letter you can download the example as well by clicking here. With these 11 tips, you can craft a strong, unique, and compelling consulting cover letter to go along with your resume.

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How to write the perfect consulting cover letter?

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Tagged as: case interview , consulting case interview , consulting jobs , cover letter , cover letter consulting , cover letter for consulting , cv , mckinsey cover letter , resume. Great help!! I was about to submit an application for a consulting firm that I would love to join and your text make me think and review my cover letter. Great advise! This will definately make me rethink this part of the application!

2. Practicalities of Writing Your Cover Letter

I am Profesor in Geology, but I do like these soft skills and I certainly beleive they are more important for every graduate student. I really like and appreciate these informative materials. This was very helpful. My resume was so-so, and my improved cover letter definitely landed me my interviews.

Very helpful advice. I have written quite a good number of applications with same or similar cover letters. Thanks for posting this.

Successful consultant cover letter items

Is the paragraph on why that particular firm too much, or is that a good thing? What do you suggest in general on balancing length and content? Length is secondary. It is also VERY important to be concise. Do not use two words, when one will do. However, I have seen hundreds of long and UNdifferentiate cover letters. This is the worst of all worlds.

Top 10 tips for management consulting cover letters that will land an interview

I was also wondering how best to introduce the brands I have worked for in the first few sentences. Is it worth mentioning my high school job at McDonalds or is it best to leave that out? There should be a nobler cause why do you want do consulting. There should be a bigger picture which needs to be mentioned in your cover letter. Mere form letter just wont do! Thank you Victor for the tips.

Accenture Management Consulting Cover Letter | Full Time | Management Consultant

They would of surely help to me since I am intending to apply to some companies now. This resource was very helpful and enlightening…. I shall be extremely grateful to you!! Regards Divya. Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! I was looking for this particular info for a long time. Thank you and best of luck. Thanks for your great post. I feel like you just opened my eyes on how to actually write a good CV. Definitely something to keep in mind that we all should do our researches and homework on why we want to work at the specific firms that we are applying for.

Thank you for the amazing advice. I was actually thinking to start applying for consulting firms. However, I find my self midst of disqualifications. When I learned about consulting firms where I can start work with the management, deal with international affairs, plus extensive international travel seemed like what I wanted all along.

However, looking through many top consulting firm sites, they mainly hire honored Ivy League students with outstanding resumes. Even though I have highly developed analytical skills, as well as high passion in rapid growing global trade and economy, I found my self well under their cut off line.

Should I even bother to apply for these companies? Find someone at the firm who you can connect with and let THEM say if you can or cannot do it, not some internet random. I work at a top consulting firm—listen to Dustin. Find a company that is suitable with your background and go for it. After all if you shoot for the moon you mite end up among the stars. Well , I really enjoyed reading your thoughts , but I think you should use figures from the site. There are always a lot of information. Thank you so much for all of your generous help and advice.

Excellent information given.

9+ Consulting Cover Letter – Word, PDF

Could you pl send me some model cover letter for academic position like business managment professor. Graeful to you. Appreciation and thankfulness for sharing all your insights, success stories. Sorry about that. Our membership system is having technical problems. We have an engineering working on fixing it. Nothing to do on your end other than try again tomorrow. I have been a investment banking analyst at Citi for past 2 years and would like to shift to consulting.

Job at Citi has helped me a lot in number crunching and analytical skills.